Sunday, August 16, 2015

Commentary on Chaplain Qualifications

It is almost comical when I read qualifications for Hospice Chaplains. 1 Unit of CPE, Bachelors Degree, 1 year of experience in pastoral care...Seriously? What exactly are you expecting of this person you call Chaplain? Have you no idea what issues a Chaplain will encounter? Are you not aware that Hospice CAHPS will determine your reimbursement? Even with our high qualifications we spend time training our Chaplains to provide excellence in spiritual care. We assume nothing and seek to build a team of Chaplains that will make a difference in the life of the patient and their families. The issues hospice Chaplains face require experience and skill. Makes me wonder if the lack of qualifications is simply a financial issue rather than anything else. Something to think about when the results of the CAHPS come rolling in.

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