Thursday, August 27, 2015

3 Ways to Take Initiative

A Hospice Chaplain is a difference-maker. Being a difference-maker, however, doesn’t happen all by itself. Difference-making takes place when there is activity involved. In reading Forbes: Entrepreneurs I came across this article: “How 'Difference Makers' Think -- The Single Greatest Secret to Personal and Business Success”. ( A portion of the article reads: A comprehensive set of new studies from OC Tanner Institute (including research we’ve conducted with Forbes Insight that we’ll be issuing shortly) shows a fundamental shift in the mindset of people who achieve groundbreaking results. The mindset is this: Great difference makers shift from seeing themselves as workers with an assignment to crank out, to seeing themselves as people with a difference to make. You, Hospice Chaplain, have a difference to make in the life of each of your patients and their family members. It is your calling. It is your destiny! Here are 3 ways you can make a difference by taking the initiative. I am sure you can think of many more, but consider these thought-starters. 1. Make a difference in the life of the patient. a. By actively listening. b. By a non-anxious presence. c. By advocating for them and their needs in a long-term care facility, home setting, or hospital. d. By assisting them to finish life well. 2. Make a difference on your IDT a. With your encouraging words and positive presence b. By helping without being asked to do so c. By working with your leadership to solve problems 3. Make a difference in your Inpatient Units. a. Do not wait to be told to do something. Take action: Meet, Greet, Move boxes, Do what is necessary, but do the unexpected. b. Support the staff with special seasonal rituals. c. Support the patients and families by giving extraordinary care. Chaplains who take existing job expectations—or job descriptions—and expand them to suit their desire to make a difference find great satisfaction and do great ministry for their patients/families and their company. Do what’s expected (because it’s required) and then find a way to add something new to their work. Do something that delights, something that benefits the souls on your caseload and those who work with.

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