Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Chaplain and the Community

The Chaplain and the Community Does a Chaplain have a responsibility to get involved in the community, faith community, or other organization the Chaplain has an affinity for? Can an organization benefit from the experience and life expertise of the Chaplain? Those two questions should be answered carefully and thoughtfully. One of the characteristics of my particular generation is cocooning. It is challenging for me to spend the day at work, come home to dine with my lovely wife, go to the gym, and come home to relax and close out the day. I have my patterns, as do you. Is there time to carve out in the schedule for volunteering and connecting with the community? Have you ever gone to a networking meeting at a Chamber of Commerce or some other group? I remain amazed at the amount of time some of the people in those organizations spend not only during the day, but also, after hours to make those groups relevant. I would like to hear from you about what organizations appeal to you. It may be that you are active in APC or CPSP or ACPE. How do you make time to be involved with your favorite organization? T

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