Thursday, July 2, 2015

3 Essential Qualities of a Chaplain Leader

The qualities of leadership are never more evident than when the Team needs support. In hospice there are circumstances that require involvement. A Team looks to their leader for passion, connection, and direction. Passion is something the leader must possess. To be overwhelmed by the mundane and exhibit a sour attitude will dispirit the Team. Being a “drama-king/queen” will distance the Team. Being a micro-manager will anger the Team. Being a curmudgeon will confuse the Team. Being ultra-demanding will move the Team to seek another job. Building a stable Team that will work together for the long haul is a great goal of the Leader. How that is done is another matter. I re-emphasize, when your Team sees passion in your eyes and action, they will respond positively. Connection builds bridges of understanding. There are times when you as a Leader need to jump in and do some visiting of patients. This will keep your clinical skills sharp and give you an understanding of what the Team is experiencing in the field. When census soars, the Team will be exhausted unless you either have an adequate number of PRN Chaplains or you jump in to assist. When the Team sees your willingness to help your reputation among the Team will soar. Also, connecting with the staff means you are approachable, amiable, and gracious. You will always be the Leader, but your Team needs a human leader. Direction is a quality of leadership that indispensable. The Leader has to know the way. The Leader has to know how to communicate company policy, procedures, and changes in any methodologies that impact the Team. The communication of the Leader must at all times be free of complaining, belittling, disagreeing with Senior Leadership, and negativity. If you as the Leader are unhappy with where you are working and communicate that to the Team, do you really think they will be happy in their work? Bless you, Chaplain Leaders, in your efforts to build a highly effective Team.

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