Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday morning musings ...

Musings on a Monday Morning … The need to laugh … In my line of work as a manager of spiritual care in a large hospice, very often stress is palatable. You can feel it, sense it, and hopefully deal with it. I must say that stress can diminish one’s sense of humor. You can know for certain when you are running low on humor … you get irritated at the people you love the most, you get irritated with people you work with, you just get irritated … period. I find that laughter cuts the stress down to size. It puts things into perspective and cheers my soul. I don’t know about you, but I need stress cut down to size and a happy soul. For instance, at church one recent Sunday night the choir was presenting their Christmas musical. The place was packed with people. The pastor took a moment to greet those in attendance and asked us to greet one another. My wife and I shook hands with several people close to us and then a sweet, little lady came up to me and welcomed me as if I were a guest. My eyes met my wife’s and I just smiled and told her how glad I was to be present for this musical presentation. My, my, my … Just grin and laugh. With the joy of the season comes sad and distressing situations … Have you noticed that life gets complicated at the absolute worst times of the year. I’m not sure I understand why that it, it just happens. What holds things together at work? When chaos strikes, embracing the mission, embracing my call, and embracing my colleagues works for me. What holds things together at home? This is a one word answer … love. Love for my wife keeps the relationship strong. I try to tell her frequently that I love her and show it so she sees by my actions that my words are true. What are you chewing on this Monday?

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