Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Best Practice for Providing Care for Patients at Thanksgiving (general statement)

Patients at Home—(Going the extra mile for them)

For patients still living at home Thanksgiving can be anything but a happy holiday.  The circumstances of the patient and why they are alone at this holiday come into play in your pastoral care.

v  Are they alienated from their family members?

v  Are they separated due to distance from family members?

v  You probably have broached the subject of family issues with them.  Thanksgiving will bring emotions to the surface weeks before the actual holiday.  Employ listening skills.  They are not looking for you to fix things.  Provide the spiritual and existential support they need.  Your winsome and wise counsel will help them through the emotional pain.

v  If they cannot provide a meal for themselves and would be open to it, collaborate with the Social Worker as they have a concurrent program to provide meals for patients.

v  Provide a card, if possible.  Some faith communities make cards for “shut-ins” and if appropriate ask for as many as needed.

v  A phone call on Thanksgiving from you or the on call Chaplain would provide support.

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