Monday, February 8, 2016

Body Language Skills (Pre-test)

Body Language Skills  (Pre-test)


Match the following from the left column to the interpretation of the behavior in the right column.  This is a good start at understanding how your non-verbal language speaks as loud, if not louder, than your spoken language.  “Edward T. Hall (1959), a well-recognized social anthropologist, maintained that in a normal conversation more than 65 percent of social meanings are transmitted through the non-verbal channel.” (Kris Rugsaken in body-speaks, Clearinghouse Academic Advising Resources)  If that remains the case in 2016 then the Chaplain has to pay attention to the matter.  The answers to the pre-test are below the exercise.


1.    Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly
a.    Open, relaxed
2.    Arms crossed on chest
b.    Readiness, aggression
3.    Sitting, legs apart
c.    Rejection, doubt, lying
4.    Hand to cheek
d.    Apprehension
5.    Locked ankles
e.    Doubt, disbelief
6.    Head resting in hand, eyes downcast
f.     Evaluation, thinking
7.    Touching, slightly rubbing nose
g.    Boredom
8.    Rubbing the eye
h.    Defensiveness


There are many more non-verbal behaviors, but the above tend to occur in a pastoral care encounter.  How did you do?  Will you be more self-aware of your non-verbal communication?  Did you notice that two of the above have the same answer?  Why do you suppose I included two non-verbals with the same interpretation?


Answers: 1, g; 2, h; 3, a ; 4, f; 5, d ; 6, g; 7, c; 8, e

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