Monday, March 16, 2015

If you are looking for work and can't get hired...

Why Can’t I get hired? Not too long ago I was at a meeting where I saw a gentleman who applied for a position at my company. He was upset with me that he did not get a call for an interview. I told him that our HR screens applicants and their information, i.e. resume. That is before I get involved in the process. He thought I should have intervened and had HR move his resume and application to the top of the pile. It doesn’t work that way. So, what could be the problem? I took a look at his resume. There was the problem. In today’s post I want to provide encouragement and guidance to those of you actively looking for a position as a hospice Chaplain. Let me be as clear as I can at this point. Chaplain jobs in today’s environment are few and far between. So, you have to be sharp and present a resume that will garner the attention of the HR rep. It’s just that simple. I would encourage you to read not just for job openings, but for the terrific help they post for resume development. It is very worth your while to put their suggestions to use. If you want your resume to stand out above the others, you can’t the attitude that “I’m good and so is my resume, so that is that.” Friend, that won’t work. This post can’t do the work only you can do. What are some things a hospice is looking for? Experience that speaks of value and significance; bi-lingual ability; teach-ability; humility; servant-mindedness; team player; stick-ability; and all the day to day chaplaincy skills. Oh, and one more thing… you have to be able to type at least 20 words per minute. Today is the day of electronic records. You will have to input your finding from your visits into a program designed to capture those facts. I suppose I assumed you would know that, but so many have not entered the computer age that it is best to just say it. Blessings to you Chaplain Colleagues who are searching for your place of service.

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