Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3 Things that will make your phone calling successful

When I was thinking of this topic, the first title that came to mind was “How are your phone skills?” A question like that begs for dumb answers. Instead, I want to provide a checklist of sorts with guidance that will help you build your caseload and build relationships with your patients and their families. 1. Preparing to call your new patients, your routine visit patients, or family members: a. Know by name who it is you are calling. Have the information in front of you. You have a number of people to call, so be certain. Be as certain as you can that the patient you are calling is still living. b. Find a location that is distraction free. Try not to call from a cube as you have no privacy. Never call at a restaurant or other public place. You will be violating HIPPA law. 2. Convey caring by, a. Your tone of voice. Does your voice smile? b. Providing a non-anxious voice presence 3. Expect a positive response a. Whatever you do, don’t talk yourself out of seeing the patient. b. Use this scripted approach: “Hello. May I please speak to Mrs. Jones? (Pause for response) , Hello Mrs. Jones, I am Rich Behers. I am calling as a member of the care team at Cornerstone Hospice. My role is to provide emotional and spiritual support. I would like to drop by later this afternoon to visit with you. Is 3 PM a good time for you?” You can break the sentences up or pause for any response as you need to. Whatever you do, speak slowly. There will be at least one more article on phone style. For now, practice these and your caseload will grow. Blessings to you, Chaplain Colleagues! Your work is sacred.

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