Thursday, July 24, 2014

Voices of the Dying

The dying need to be heard. Our western culture is very uncomfortable with the concept of death and with the dying. Listen to these voices. How do they inform your chaplaincy? “Death will soon remove this bitter cup from my lips. I will be free of this life, my family will be free of this hopeless misery.” “Death is in this house, in the air, in this room. Each day it is closer to this bed, to me.” “To talk about death may be very difficult or even impossible for you. You have so much to carry. I wish I could spare you the painful horror of watching me die.” “What will it be like when it comes?” “You should rest before dinner.” “Rest from what? Rest for what?” “When I am gone, the air will fill the space where my body used to be.” “I love that woman with all my heart.” “Why don’t you look at me when you do talk? Has the cancer so ravaged my body that it is unbearable to look at?” Selah ...

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